Jane Jacobs and I at the inaugural Pedestrian Sunday

I love cities.

I love the vibrancy we imprint on them in acts both quotidian and spectacular as we eke out our livings, follow our passions, find solutions to our problems, or simply contribute our piece to the story that becomes the urban landscape.

Through the development of the Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market - my first foray into large scale visioning and community project development - I learned the value of community engagement, and the magic that is unleashed when thousands of people's energy, expertise and love for their neighbourhood is given a shared outlet.

Since then I have completed an undergrad in environmental studies and a masters in urban planning, deepening my understanding of the interconnections between broader civic goals, the economics and politics of decision-making, and the ability of good design (of both form and process) to solve wicked problems.

I look forward to working with you in building evermore livable, resilient and engaged communities.